Oh My Okra all started with a road trip in February 2016 from Toronto to South Carolina…

…A road trip inspired by Lori & David’s appetite for adventure & the realization that both their careers were missing something & needed a drastic change.

With this in mind, they decided to take a road trip to a little quaint town called Charleston where they stumbled upon a charming farmers market and the inspiration for Oh My Okra was ignited.

They came across an okra stand where the green, vibrant, dried whole okra pieces were displayed, and the owner was handing out samples. With one bite, Lori and David were both hooked. 

It was at this moment where they both looked at one another and instantly knew what the other was thinking….

”This healthy snack would do well in Canada!”

As soon as they returned home, they began their research.

What they discovered was:

Okra was a tremendously underrated superfood

It had tons of valuable health benefits and was high in fibre & potassium

Okra had also been linked with lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics

It was at this time that they chose to name their company “Bert’s Foods” after Lori’s father Umberto (Bert) who had passed away in 2005 from a long battle with type 2 diabetes with the goal of building a company based on two of Bert’s greatest qualities – Honesty & Integrity. 

By 2019, both Lori and David had resigned from their previous careers and began working on Oh My Okra full-time.  On July 1st Canada Day Oh My Okra was launched nationwide.

From The Founders

“What we have learned during this entire adventure is that our lives are a result of the choices we make.  Once you have made the decision to release everything that no longer serves you a positive purpose, it allows for bigger and better things to enter your life.  Believe in yourself, be fearless and remember that when it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you should jump, otherwise you end up staying in the same place your entire life.”