Okra, the Underrated Superfood

Vitamin K

Okra contains high levels of vitamin K, a nutrient important for blood clotting and bone health

Vitamin B

Okra contains 4 of the 8 B vitamins, which all affect our energy metabolism.

Vitamin C

1 cup of raw okra can supply almost 40% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C, a known antioxidant important for tissue health.


A great source of dietary fibre, containing both soluble* & insoluble fibre*.


There are also significant amounts of minerals magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

*Soluble fibre helps regulate blood sugar & cholesterol control

*Insoluble fibre promotes a healthy digestive system

Due to okra's high amount of fibre, it is recommended for controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics and for gut and colon health.

Its ability to bind toxins and stabilize bowel movements means okra is an incredible gut and colon cleanser.